Your modular energy storage system of the future - the new standard C&I battery/PV hybrid solution

Peak load reduction

Optimization of self-consumption Zero feed-in

Emergency power system

Zero feed-in


  • Self-sufficient energy supply

    Local energy generation is optimized by storing surplus energy. Stored energy can be used flexibly at different times - for example, at night to charge electric vehicles with solar energy from PV systems.

  • Power failure safety

    An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) ensures power failure safety.

  • Self-consumption optimization

    Costs are reduced by shifting energy consumption. Through peak load reduction and load shifting, the POWERBLOXX achieves savings compared to the energy supply company (EVU).

  • High buffer capacity

    POWERBLOXX offers the ideal solution for buffering large loads, such as those required for charging electric vehicles.

  • Reduce costs

    By using the POWERBLOXX, large consumers can be connected more easily and cost-effectively.

  • Generate revenue

    Access grid services to sell electricity into the national grid at attractive times and thereby generate additional revenue.

Powerbloxx .



AC-coupled battery energy storage system in an air-conditioned outdoor container


Peak load reduction

As an effective tool for peak load reduction, it helps to smooth out energy consumption peaks and thus reduce a significant proportion of energy costs.

Emergency power systems

Im Notfall übernimmt der POWER BLOXX die Rolle eines zuverlässigen Notstromversorgungsystems, gewährleistet somit die Stromversorgung in kritischen Situationen.

Optimization of self-consumption

In an emergency, the POWERBLOXX takes on the role of a reliable emergency power system, ensuring a continuous power supply in critical situations.

Zero feed-in

In addition, POWERBLOXX enables zero feed-in by offering and using the generated electricity as required, while surpluses are managed intelligently.


Installing the POWERBLOXX is extremely simple and user-friendly - almost anywhere, without the need for time-consuming foundation work.

  • Plug-and-play container solution - depending on the required capacity, the battery modules can be fitted on site and any existing PV modules can be connected. The container is set down from the truck and then connected to the local power grid.
  • Commissioning by one person

The design concept of the POWERBLOXX container solution allows flexible adjustment of the required capacity. Impressively, the commissioning of this system can be carried out effortlessly by a single person. These sophisticated features make the POWERBLOXX not only powerful, but also extremely flexible in terms of installation time and commissioning.


The POWERBLOXX is characterized by its impressive high flexibility, which makes it an ideal solution for different energy requirements.

  • Energy from 68 to 408 kWh usable
  • Capacity from 50 to 300 kW
  • AC battery or PV hybrid possible
  • Integrated battery backup
  • For outdoor use

With a usable energy capacity of 68 to 408 kWh and a power range of 50 to 300 kW, it adapts effortlessly to a wide variety of applications. Flexibility is further enhanced by the choice of AC battery or PV hybrid, giving the user the freedom to choose the most suitable configuration. In addition, the POWER BLOXX is equipped with an integrated battery backup to ensure a reliable power supply. This versatility is further enhanced by the system’s ability to operate outdoors, making the POWER BLOXX an extremely flexible and robust energy solution.


With customized solutions and scalable capacity, POWERBLOXX adapts flexibly to the requirements of various industries, revolutionizing your power supply and increasing efficiency. Perfect for businesses of all kinds.

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